Gallery – Baukunst

Gallery – Baukunst

BAUKUNST is a german word built from two words BAU and KUNST. 

In the German language one can join words to each other to create a new word with a new meaning. You could translate BAUKUNST into english as meaning „the art of building“ or „building as art“, however this would not capture the true meaning or force of the new combined word.

Let me explain it this way:

BAUKUNST is where building becomes more than just the sum of its parts. 

When one hears the word BAUKUNST one thinks not only of the Craftsmanship in details, choice of Materials, play of Light and Proportions but also of the Holistic dimension where two WORLDS and WORDS merge into one. 

Simple projects can lead to BAUKUNST.

Courageous and informed clients can lead to BAUKUNST. 

BAUKUNST must not cost more than building mediocrity. 

BAUKUNST costs conviction, commitment and creativity.

In the gallery is a selection of small and not so small projects of mine that I consider to be examples of BAUKUNST. Affordable houses, Public buildings, Lighting masts, Market squares, Exhibitions, Museums, micromuseums and implantations, they all have a special story to tell. 

A thank you to all the clients that made the projects possible.